As your CV program progress, you may find yourself in need of adjusting individual user scores  based on performance and participation. User Summaries contains the Performance tab where you can manually adjust user score at both scopes. 

To manually adjust a user’s score:

  1. From your Project, search the user via Knowledge Base Search or User Management to access the user’s summary
  2. Click the Performance tab
  3. Select the scope of the score you’ll apply
  4. Select the ranking to apply from the dropdown menu
  5. Feel free to add a comment, which can utilized via Filters and Views
  6. Click Submit to save

Access user’s summary to add Project and Community scoring


  • Community scoring should be used to track overall user contribution or major, program-level milestones of account activity. 
  • Project scoring should track user contribution throughout individual Projects. Project score should be used to “boil up” participation and contribution scoring to the Community. This allows you to develop a fully profiled and scored panel of engaged testers for easier tester recruitment.

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