Creating new rankings lets you fine-tune your User Scoring program system beyond what’s provided in the Centercode Templates. User Scoring consists of Rankings - individual values representative of positive (feedback submission, excellent participation, special events) or negative (non-compliance, NDA breach, non-responsiveness) user account milestones.

Separated by the Community and Project scope, you’ll leverage the individual Rankings to score your user accounts for scope-specific intentions like tester participation quality at the Community level or providing a high-quality bug report within a Project.

To create or update your existing user scoring: 

  1. Access Community Tools, then Configuration
  2. Click User Scoring
  3. Adjust Community and Project scopes to suit your scoring processes
  • Use default options to utilize our recommended ranking
  • Create new rankings and fill out the required fields if desired
  • Merge to update the selected rank to a new value if desired

Edit, merge, or create new rankings to suit your practices


  • Community scoring should be used to track overall user contribution or major, program-level milestones of account activity. 
  • Project scoring should track user contribution throughout individual Projects. Project score should be used to “boil up” participation and contribution scoring to the Community. This allows you to develop a fully profiled and scored panel of engaged testers for easier tester recruitment.

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