User Scoring is a vital part of a successful Customer Validation program. By establishing a scoring system for your users, you’ll be able to easily (and automatically) identify top contributors or noncompliant participators. As a Community administration tool, you’ll find the User Scoring configuration at the Community level, but options to use Scoring at both the Community and Project scopes.

User Scoring consists of Rankings - individual values representative of positive (feedback submission, excellent participation, special events) or negative (non-compliance, NDA breach, non-responsiveness) user account milestones. Separated by the Community and Project scope, you’ll leverage the individual Rankings to score your user accounts for scope-specific intentions like tester participation quality at the Community level or providing a high-quality bug report within a Project.

Creating new rankings lets you fine-tune your User Scoring program system beyond what’s provided in the Centercode Templates. Merging Rankings will update every instance of the old ranking, causing user scores to be recalculated based on the new value. This offers great flexibility when scaling your ranking system to meet the evolving goals of your growing CV program or when simply cleaning up your list as a matter of housekeeping.

Once User Ranking has been established, it can be applied to any User account manually via User Summary and automation macros. 


  • Community scoring should be used to track overall user contribution or major, program-level milestones of account activity. 
  • Project scoring should track user contribution throughout individual Projects. Project score should be used to “boil up” participation and contribution scoring to the Community. This allows you to develop a fully profiled and scored panel of engaged testers for easier tester recruitment.

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