Quick Invite is unique in how it invites users into your Community or Project. It's the only Onboarding Source that can be used continuously to grow it's Opportunity Pool. However, this handy feature has its drawbacks. 

This typically occurs when an admin has previously used Quick Invite on users and they haven't yet converted.

Another scenario is when Convert Existing Users to Project Automatically AND Add to Pool only is used with email addresses who do not exist in your Community. This results in email addresses  added to the pool without email invitation. 

Both scenarios result in email address being added to the Quick Invite pool. Subsequent attempts to Quick Invite will result in the message above.

Here are 2 options to resolve this scenario:

  1. Email the user from Onboarding Management or with its Moderate Candidates page. This refers to clicking into Quick Invite, then seeing all pending users.

    2. Remove their email address from the Quick Invite Source Pool, then Quick                  Invite again

  • Since Auto Convert is typically an escalation to add internal users, this will result in the same error unless email address is cleared from the Source Pool (#2 above)
  • This feature is an overhaul of the "Add User" functionality of previous versions of Centercode

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