There are a few different ways an Administrator can remove a User (or group Users) from a Project or Community. Removing users from the Community will remove their entire account, and they'll lose access to your portal. Removing users from a Project revokes their access to the Project, but retains their account in your Community so they can continue to contribute to your Community and sign up for future Projects without issue.

Removing an Individual User
The quickest way to remove an individual User is to do so via their User Summary page within the Community or Project. From the Homepage:

  1. Type the users Name, Username, or Email address into the Knowledge Base Search bar found in the upper-right hand corner
  2. Click the name to navigate into their User Summary
  3. Click on Remove User
  4. Within Projects, check the box that reads "I want to remove this User from <Project Name>. (Project Managers will not be removed)"
  5. Click the Remove button

Removing Multiple Users
The most efficient method to remove multiple users is to do so via the User Management tool. From the Homepage:

  1. Click on Users on the left hand menu to navigate into User Management
  2. Create a Filter (and optional View) to narrow your list to a subset of Users
  3. Under the Action dropdown, select Show User List (it's the default)
  4. Click Perform Action
  5. Check the box next to the individual Users you'd like to remove
  6. At the bottom of the page, in the Action menu, select "Remove Users From Community/Project" and click Submit
  7. Verify the Users you'd like to remove are correct and check the box that reads "I want to remove these users."
  8. Click the Remove button

Important Notes:

  • It is important to verify that you are performing these actions within your project before removing a User account. If you remove a User's account from the Community level, they will be removed from your platform entirely and can only be retrieved by the Centercode team.
  • Project Managers cannot be removed from projects as a safeguard. Project Managers must first be removed from the Project Managers team and then they will become eligible to be removed from a project.
  • It is possible to give Users the ability to remove themselves from projects if desired via the Project Roles tool. Note that this is NOT recommended in the case of Hardware tests.

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