When creating a Form in Centercode (Survey, Feedback, Test Platform, User Profile, or Project Profile), the following Element Types are available to choose from and add to your custom layout:

  • Label - This Element is generally used to add a heading or some standard text, or to attach an image.
  • Text Entry - This Element is used to collect text from the User, such as the description of a Bug (in the case of a Feedback Form) or a response field for an open ended question (in the case of a Survey).
  • Choices - This Element is used to collect a single response from a predefined list of answers. These can be vertical or horizontal Radio buttons, or a Drop-Down list.
  • Multiple Choice - This Element is used to collect multiple responses from a predefined list of answers. These are displayed as Check boxes. Note: this option is located under Display As.
  • Public Label vs Internal Label - This means that a tester will see the externally facing name of an option, while that corresponds with an Internal label, like a specific software version that you don’t want exposed to testers. You have the option of displaying either label or both the public and internal labels in your survey reports.
  • Rating Scale - This Element allow users to select a score, anywhere from  1-5 for product rating, up to a 0-10 range commonly used for NPS.
  • Matrix - This Element allow users to evaluate one or more row items using the same set of column choices.
  • Stacked Ranking - This Element allows users to rank a custom list presented to them.
  • File Attachment - This Element is used to collect Files from the Users, and typically is used on Feedback Forms to collect screenshots from Users that submit Bug reports.
  • Test Platform - This Element is available on Feedback and Survey Forms, and is used to attach the data from a User's specific Test Platform type to the Feedback or Survey. Typically this is used to attach a Users Personal Computer Test Platform information directly to the Bug Report Feedback they are submitting.
  • Notes Block - This Element creates a running Comment dialog to a Form, complete with the ability to notify (E-mail) users when comments are added. This is available on Feedback Types (such as a Bug Report Form) to have a running dialog available for discussing the progress on the issue internally or among specific teams.
  • Release - This Element is used to add a list of specific Releases to the Form, which can then be used to track which Release ties to that particular Form. Typically used in conjunction with a Bug Feedback Form to tie the Release of the product being tested to the issue found.
  • Date/Time - This Element is used to create a field for entering either a Date only, or a Date and Time, complete with a widget that accommodates both. This cane be made to use a specific year range, or to base the range off of the User's relative date.

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