While modern versions of Internet Explorer are supported for the use of Centercode, IE 7 and 8 pose potential issues in two key areas: File Uploads and Drop-Down Menus. The persistent trouble with IE in web forms comes from the mixed usability of Compatibility View. To toggle Compatibility View on or off, click the highlighted icon in your browser's address bar as shown below:

Uploading Files in IE

Uploading Files to your Centercode implementation while using IE must be done with Compatibility View disabled as this setting prevents the upload initialization.

Using Drop-down Menus in IE 7 or 8

Drop-down menus are most often seen in Single-Choice elements as part of Survey or Feedback forms. In IE 7 and 8, these drop-down menus are set at a finite limit of pixels in width. If your Single-Choice elements' drop-downs are being cut off by this maximum limit, you will need to enable Compatibility View.


The best method of avoiding these nuances of Compatibility View would be to update to the newest version of Internet Explorer or to utilize a web browser with less compatibility issues (including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Opera).

If neither workaround is an option for you, and you're required to access Centercode through Internet Explorer 7 or 8, your best option is to toggle between enabling and disabling Compatibility View until we can come up with a more optimal solution.

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