Your Centercode administrators provide users access to resources (Surveys, Feedback, Notices, etc.) through the combination of Teams and Roles

  • Teams allow you to group together and organize Users within your Community and Project
  • Roles specifically designate the access and responsibilities to each respective Team

In this guide, you’ll find answers to many of our most frequently encountered questions and issues regarding user access. If your users are lacking access to your Project, Feedback (e.g Bug Reports), agreements, or even a blank page in your project, please use the following as your access troubleshooting guide. Click the Read More link for in-depth details and troubleshooting steps.

Why can't users see or access Projects?

When users are lacking the Access Project role designated to their Team, they may either receive an error message when attempting to access the project or not see the project on their homepage. You’ll need to first identify the affected user’s Team, check your Project’s Roles tool (Project Tools -> Roles) and ensure that your Teams have appropriate access. (Read More)

Why can't users submit or triage feedback?

When it comes to Feedback, there are potentially 3 platform areas to check for appropriate configuration:

  1. Workflow
  2. Element Level Access
  3. Feedback Roles

Feedback Roles grant the access to Submit and/or View Feedback, while Workflow controls the feedback’s lifecycle, owner, and how it’s addressed. Element Level Access is an optional setting on the Basic Feedback Properties page that controls how certain teams may view and modify your Feedback or Survey form elements. (Read More)

Missing Submit Button

If a Team does not have access to any Statuses, the "Submit" button in the left-hand menu won’t display for them (shown below). Your Team(s) must have access to submit at least the "New" Status in your Feedback Type's Workflow and at least 1 "Access" role in the Feedback Type's Role tool.

From the Project Homepage:

  1. Click Project Tools
  2. Click Feedback
  3. Hover over your Feedback Type
  4. Click Modify pencil
  5. Click Workflow
  6. Identify any Teams missing New status and grant access
  7. Click Submit
  8. Click Feedback Roles
  9. Ensure an "Access" role is enabled for your teams

Why can't user see Surveys, Agreements, Content, or the Project Homepage?

When users are unable to access your Community or Project resources, those resources are typically missing the appropriate Team Access within the resource’s basic settings. A less typical scenario is that the resource has expired due to expiration date settings, also in the basic settings. (Read More)

Why can't users save or access drafts?

When users are unable to access their saved drafts, that indicates that the user’s team is missing access to their My To-Do Tab on your Project Homepage tool. This tab retains user drafts. (Read More)

From your project homepage:

  1. Identify the user’s team that is unable to access drafts
  2. Click Project Tools
  3. Click the Homepage tool
  4. Under Tab Access, check on the My To-Do access for the affected team
  5. Click Submit

Why can't users Subscribe to or Auto-Follow All feedback?

If your users are missing the Subscription / Auto-Follow button, a common cause is that the user's team is missing Following access in the Homepage tool. A less common cause is that the team is lacking (1) access to all feedback or (2) access to public feedback. (Read More)

Why can’t Users access the Following tab on the Project Homepage?

Be sure to allow users access to the Following tab in your Homepage tool, or users may be missing the subscription icon. (Read More)

Identify the user’s team that is unable to access the Following tab

  1. Click Project Tools
  2. Click the Homepage tool
  3. Under Tab Access, check on the Following access for the affected team
  4. Click Submit


When creating a new team within your Community or Project, consider using the “Copy Access From” dropdown shown below. This allows your new team to have the same access roles and rights based on a team of your choosing. Using this feature saves you time and effort of manually setting access to individual resources for your new team. Note that this does not currently copy Feedback Workflow Settings for the new team.

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