Your Community’s “Contact Us” has been dramatically improved to now serve as a mini-help center. When logged in, users can click "Contact Us" on the left-hand menu of the Community to be provided with a simple form. They’ll see a customizable Request Type field to capture why they’re reaching out to you and upon selection, be presented with a customizable Response Descriptions for immediate assistance, such as documentation links, guidance text, or next-steps. 

Can I remove Request Types?

Yes! You'll need to replace the string with {empty}. When referring back to the end-user perspective, be sure to refresh your cache with ctrl+shift+r or cmd+shift+r. 

Why don’t “Contact Us” emails get sent from my user’s email?

“Contact Us” emails must be sent from Centercode’s email server because your Community allows Centercode to send emails on behalf of your company’s domain. The “Contact Us” requester (your Community’s member) has not given permission for Centercode to send emails on their behalf. So please be on the lookout for emails From your Community’s “General” email To your Community’s “General” email.

How will we know when we receive a “Contact Us” email from a Community Member?

Emails will come to your Community’s “General” email (adjustable in Basic Community Settings) with the subject of: Web Feedback - [Request Type] - [Member Name]. Here’s an example of the email template that you’ll see: 

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