We have a growing community of hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic beta test candidates from around the world. As a perk for software subscribers, we'll announce your beta test to this community, or a targeted subset of it.

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How Does it Work?

You'll complete a form (below) which tells us about your beta test. We'll use this information to write a short announcement that will be posted on the Betabound homepage. For Impact and Enterprise Edition customers we'll also email members of our community that meet your tester requirements with your announcement. Testers that find your project interesting will use the link you provide below to join your community and apply for your project.

How many candidates will I get?

This isn't something we can easily predict, as it's based on your product and the audiences interest in it. It could be thousands, or in rare cases none at all (this hasn't happened yet, but it's possible).

I'm currently in my free trial of Centercode. Will you announce my beta test?

We can announce your test on the Betabound homepage during your free trial, however, targeted emails to our panel are only available to paying customers.

My product is pretty niche. Can you still find testers for it?

It's hard to say, but there are strategies we can use to reach a wider audience when needed. For example we can ask our community to socially distribute the link and information to their own network, expanding our reach greatly.

How long before my project should I announce?

We recommend letting candidates flow in over the course of 72 hours or so. From there you should reserve a day or two for selection, based on how much time you have available and how strict you plan to be. For the best results you should then begin your beta test as quickly as possible to ensure retention of tester interest.

Can I write my own copy for the announcement?

No. While you will have full approval of the copy for accuracy, we work hard to maintain a specific voice and tone with our community, and us writing the copy ensures that. Also, this means less work for you.

When will the announcement go out?

Generally we'll have copy together within 24 hours, and can send it out once you've approved it for accuracy.

How many announcements can I send?

In order to not saturate our audience, we typically allow one announcement per active subscription per month. Under some circumstances we may allow for more based on our community manager's approval. Feel free to ask.

Can you select the best testers for me?

Typically this is a component of our Managed Beta Tests, but not something we offer separately.

Other announcement questions?

We're here to answer them. Try our chat or shoot us an email.


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